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Fol The Day-O_m1_07Roundabout Folk
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I Heard the Bluebirds SingRoundabout Folk
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Hopalong Peter_m1_01Roundabout Folk
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Barayna_m2_16Roundabout Folk
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"We've listened to this CD [Singsong Pennywhistle] nonstop, anytime we're in the car, since we got it several weeks ago. The kids love it and I love it. Even my husband loves it. We loaned it to our friends for their roadtrip and their whole family loved it as well."


New album

Barnyard Dance, out now!

We're so excited to be releasing our newest album filled with upbeat tunes that are sure to become a household favorite!

Roundabout | Emma Rolf Photography-103.j

"[Roundabout's] melodious, lovely sister blend has a very sweet and pure sound, and the accompaniment is easy and just right, adding a lovely extra hint of drama here and there" 

-- Ellen T.

Roundabout | Emma Rolf Photography-134.j

"The vocals [on Singsong Pennywhistle] are professional caliber but blend to each other perfectly, as only sisters do, and the production is excellent, giving the sound of a singalong with these talents in your home"


-- Clara B.

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