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Looking to learn more about folk music? 

Here are some resources that might be helpful - from articles to websites! 


In an age where children’s music is often highly synthesized and just… loud, I know you will appreciate the delightful sweet tones of these lovely women...


Move over, Raffi! Catholic sisters release delightful children’s folk album...



This is an excellent site to look up songs and lyrics.

Vaughan Williams Memorial Library

This has the music, both recordings and notation, collected by men like Williams and Cecil Sharp, as
well as links to the best folk musicians in the United Kingdom.

Mainly Norfolk: English Folk and Other Good Music

This is a great, if overwhelming, resource for folk musicians and their recordings.

“The term [folk music] can be applied to music that has been evolved from rudimentary beginnings by a community uninfluenced by popular music and art music and it can likewise be applied to music which has originated with an individual composer and has subsequently been absorbed into the unwritten living tradition of a community.” 
Cecil Sharp

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